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Frequently Asked Questions

What is connexin 43 (Cx43)?

Connexin 43 (Cx43) is a member of the large family of gap junction proteins. Connexins assemble as a hexamer and are transported to the plasma membrane to create a hemichannel that can associate with hemichannels on nearby cells to create cell-to-cell channels. Clusters of these channels assemble to make gap junctions.

What is the lifetime of the Cx43 and cx33?

A long 60,000-hour lifetime with the brightness level remaining stable throughout CX43 and CX33 microscopes provide fixed Köhler illumination, enabling you to achieve the right illumination without adjusting the condenser.

What is the pathophysiology of Cx43?

Cx43 shows homogenously lateralized distributions between cells throughout the myocardial tissues of the immature ventricle. By contrast, the lateralization of Cx43 at the border zone of healed coronary infarcts in an adult heart is an isolated and striking non-uniformity.

What are the advantages of the cx43/cx33 LED illumination?

The CX43/CX33 LED illumination provides several advantages, both immediate and over the long-term: Produces daylight conditions so specimens can be viewed with their natural colors Consistent color temperature at any brightness, so can avoid spending time making adjustments when you change the brightness

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