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Frequently Asked Questions

What cabling do I need for the cx750m?

The CX750M features 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency and, in order to keep production cost down, semi-modular cabling with only the pair of absolutely essential cables (ATX and EPS) being native. Even if you hate native cables, it's hard to get around the fact that you'd need those two in any build.

Is the Corsair cx750m semi modular?

Click to expand... So, the CX750m is semi modular. Replacement SATA, PCI-E, Molex cables are available through Corsair's website. I'd imagine if you were to screw up the sleeving on any of those particular cables, they're easily replaced (and it appears that replacements from Corsair are already sleeved)

Is the Mazda cx750m covered by OTP?

The CX750M lacks over-current protection for the +12V rail, along with over-temperature protection. The company claims this model is covered by OTP, but we failed to find evidence of it during our tests, even when we applied a particularly taxing thermal load to the secondary side.

What is the difference between the Yate cx650m and the cx750m?

The CX650M uses a 120mm fan, while the CX750M employs a 140mm fan provided by Yate Loon. The D14SH-12 is a sleeve-bearing fan, and given the lack of a semi-passive mode, we can't help but wonder whether it will survive the five-year warranty period in systems that run all day.

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