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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CXT Inc?

CXT, Inc.,is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete products, including restrooms, showers and concession buildings. CXT Concrete Buildings are durable structures used at federal, state, county, city and private recreational sites nationwide. For more information, please visit

Why partpartner with CXT software?

Partner with CXT Software to gain access to industry leading operations and dispatch software. Assisted dispatch software uses algorithms to analyze your driver fleet, due times and locations, and recommends which drivers to assign work to, helping dispatchers make smart calls on the fly.

What is X route CXT?

CXT customers managing distribution work with X Route serve a wide variety of verticals, including pharmaceutical, office supply, medical, veterinary, automotive, furniture, and electronics distributors, as well as third-party logistics (3PL) providers, consolidators, and online retailers. Route Management.

What types of replacement parts does CXT offer?

Below is a list of replacement part categories CXT offers. Select a category, or search for a part using the search feature above. CXT sells replacement hardware and precast products for our flush/shower, vault and utility/concession buildings. We carry a variety of replacement parts such as toilets, sinks, galvanized and fiberglass doors.

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