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Frequently Asked Questions

Why support cvnl?

Supporting CVNL gives you an opportunity to make a sector-wide impact. With your help, we can achieve our mission of advancing the entire nonprofit sector. Join our mailing list to receive the latest CVNL and sector-specific news.

How do I post a nonprofit job on cvcvnl?

CVNL Members can post nonprofit jobs for free (just one of many benefits!). Non-members may post nonprofit jobs for $60 per post, for 90 days, with a maximum of 3 posts at one time. To submit your nonprofit job opening, contact May Congdon at [email protected]

What is the CXN (V2)?

Now finished in Lunar Grey to match the rest of the CX Series 2 range, the award-winning CXN (V2) allows playback of multiple audio file-types from multiple sources. Enjoy your music, your way. Convenience. Not Compromise Everyone loves the convenience of digital audio. Nobody enjoys the compromises digital audio playback sometimes involves.

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