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Frequently Asked Questions

When did CXD next start operating?

The companies confirmed that the new joint venture, which will be named CXD NEXT Co Ltd, will be established on 9 July 2007 and start to provide services on 1 September, operating with a staff of about 20 initially. The numberplates of the white vans are VK54 CXD and CA06 UEP, but they have probably been changed by now.

What does CXD stand for?

Assessment of bone density in the distal radius with computer assisted X-ray densitometry ( CXD ). The new company, CXD Next Co., will be owned 60 percent by Casio and the rest by DoCoMo.

What are the different types of CXD operations?

The CXD Series is available in many different sizes and configurations and includes such operations as trimming, dowel boring, dowel insertion, vertical drilling, horizontal drilling and routing.

What is CCD downtown Denver?

Downtown Denver is your Campus Situated along the west bank of Cherry Creek, CCD is also the only community college in the nation to share a campus with two four-year universities — Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado - Denver.

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