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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the menstrual cycle called a cycle?

The menstrual cycle is called a phenomenon because it works mysteriously. Nobody really knows why women who work together or live together have synced periods.

Why is the cell cycle called a cycle?

The ‘life cycle’ of a dividing eukaryotic non-embryonic cell starts with the cell triggered to enter the cell cycle and ends with the equal partitioning of the genetic material and cleavage of the cell during cytokinesis. The whole process is called the cell cycle and consists of four main phases.

Can your cycle change?

After 40, your period cycle is likely to change no matter what. You may experience more severe cramps during your monthly period. Heavier periods are also common once women reach this age, as well as irregularities in the monthly period cycle.

What is cyclical cycle?

The definition of cyclical is something that goes in cycles, or something that occurs in a repeating pattern.

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