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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser weigh?

The Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser has an empty weight of 740 lb and a gross weight of 1320 lb. The Sportcrusier is equipped with a Rotax 912 ULS engine. The aircraft has a cruise speed of 133 mph and a stall speed of 34 mph.

How much does a SportCruiser cost?

With pricing set at $65,000 (FOB Indiantown) and burning around 4~4.5 gallons of auto gas per hour, the SportCruiser won't break the budget; and with its American-designed, all-metal traditional construction and US-sourced materials and airframe components, keeping it flying (and insured!) will be trouble-free.

Why choose a sport cruiser?

Absolute joy. Thanks to in-house research, design and manufacturing; the Sport Cruiser is a tremendously efficient machine. Compared to average operating costs in its category, it is by far one of the cheapest to fly, all the while adhering to strict quality standards and 11.000+ hours of lifetime.

What do you think of the Certis Sport Cruiser?

Very nice Sport Cruiser with awesome equipment, Parachute, Autopilot and ADS B. Plane is in great condition and excellent maintanece history with Certis.

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