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Who are the female newspaper columnists?

Female Newspaper Columnists 1 Alicia Garza 2 Amy Fisher 3 Marilyn vos Savant 4 Nadiya Hussain 5 Jill St. John 6 Kasie Hunt 7 Margaret Hoover 8 Katie Pavlich 9 Michelle Malkin 10 Karren Brady More items...

Who are the best journalists of all time?

Ben Shapiro (1984- ), Patriot Post; Kyle Smith (critic) (1966- ), New York Post; Thomas Sowell (1930– ), Creators Syndicate; Ellie Tesher (19??– ), Toronto Star; Cal Thomas (19??– ), Tribune Media Services; Peter Vecsey (1943–), New York Post; Geovanny Vicente (1986–), CNN, Infobae; Gene Weingarten (1951–), Washington Post

Is this summer's wildest celebrity fashion trend bad for women?

It's this summer's wildest celebrity fashion trend, but it causes problems for women of a certain age, says LIZ JONES

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