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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DFCC Bank?

DFCC Bank was set up in 1955 as Sri Lanka's pioneer Development Finance Institution on the recommendation of the World Bank and is one of the oldest development banks in Asia.

Why choose DFCC Bank for importers?

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to importers an... DFCC Bank offers a comprehensive range of Treasury products and services delivered by experienced and competent dealers who understand your needs....

How do I communicate with DFCC Bank?

Communicate with the Bank securely through the built-in message facility If you are an existing DFCC Bank customer, you just need to contact our Contact Centre on 0112350000 to register for the services. If you are a new to bank customer, you can simply give the consent to be onboarded to online banking when you apply for the account.

What is DFCC iConnect?

DFCC iConnect, a fully integrated Payments and Cash Manageme... DFCC Bank current accounts are perfect for facilitating your day to day tra... DFCC Bank has an unrivalled depth of industry knowledge and ...

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