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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DFCP program?

Graduates of the DFCP Program will be recognized as the most qualified leaders in the development finance industry. Upon the completion of program requirements, DFCP Program graduates will be recognized formally at the CDFA National Development Finance Summit.

What is the DFCB certification?

The DFCB provides objective certifications in digital forensics which promotes trust and confidence in the Digital Forensics profession. The board provides knowledge-based support from government agencies, the private sector, and academia.

How do I pass the DFCP program comprehensive exam?

In order to graduate, participants must pass a comprehensive final exam via an online testing service. The DFCP Program Comprehensive Exam covers the entire development finance toolbox. A formal study guide for the exam is not available.

How do we evaluate the capability and efficiency of the DFCP protocol?

DFCP 's capability and efficiency are evaluated by comparing it with another FCM-based energy efficient protocol proposed in [12]. Similar to DFCP, data aggregation and transmission is done by the CHs. The performance of the DFCP protocol in terms of its capability to deliver data to the BS and energy efficiency is compared with C-FCM and LEACH.

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