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Frequently Asked Questions

What does dfcp1 stand for?

Double FYVE-containing protein 1 (DFCP1) encodes a 777 amino acid protein that contains: (1) an N-terminal Cys–His cluster with some homology to many zinc finger domains; (2) a consensus sequence consistent with an ATP/GTP binding site; and (3) a C-terminal domain unique because it contains two zinc-binding FYVE domains.

Does the ER-localized protein dfcp1 modulate ER-lipid droplet contact formation?

The ER-Localized Protein DFCP1 Modulates ER-Lipid Droplet Contact Formation Very little is known about the spatiotemporal generation of lipid droplets (LDs) from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the factors that mediate ER-LD contacts for LD growth.

How similar are the FYVE domains in dfcp1?

In DFCP1, both FYVE domains are approximately 70 amino acids long (solid lined box, Fig. 1A) and share 53% amino acid identity and 56% similarity ( Fig. 2A, first two rows). The two FYVE domains are approximately 40% identical and 53% similar to FYVE domains of other proteins ( Fig. 2A ).

Does the FYVE-domain-containing ER-localized protein dfcp1 migrate to omegasomes during autophagy?

The FYVE-domain-containing ER-localized protein DFCP1 (also known as ZFYVE1) migrates to omegasomes upon autophagy induction, a process that depends on both the ER localization domain and the PI (3)P-binding FYVE domain ( Axe et al., 2008 ).

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