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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net sales of dfcv in 2011?

DFCVwill include the major part of DFG's medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial vehicles business. DFCVhad reported net sales of approximately CNY39bn (pro forma) and operating income of approximately CNY1.2bn (pro forma) in 2011. Volvo to acquire 45% of JV with Dongfeng Motor Group in China

What is the market share of dfcv in China?

DFCVhad market shares of 16.1% (heavy-) and 15.7% (medium-), respectively. Volvo on track to become largest heavy truck maker On a pro-forma basis, DFCVhad net revenues of some CNY39bn and an operating profit of around CNY1.2bn, from the sale of about 142,000 heavy-duty trucks and 49,000 medium-duty trucks in 2011.

What does Volvo's partnership with DFG mean for dfcv?

"The partnership between the Volvo Group and DFG will strengthen DFCV's already strong position in China and provide the company with the right conditions for successful international expansion. Of these, approximately 142,000 units were produced by the part of the company that will be included in DFCV.

What is the warranty for dfcv spare parts?

As a courtesy to our customers, we offer one year warranty for DFCV(DONGFENG Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd) genuine spare parts except vulnerable kinds. You can connect us as you need. Our official email: [email protected]

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