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Frequently Asked Questions

How does dinnerly work?

Dinnerly utilizes digital recipe cards, rather than printed ones, to cut down on environmental waste, and pared-down ingredients to keep meal preparation at a minimum—requiring just five steps or fewer. With so many meal kits on the market, we were curious to see how Dinnerly’s affordable and non-fussy meals would be.

What are your reviews of dinnerly?

We had mixed reviews on Dinnerly. We liked the price, simplicity, ease of making the meals, and efficient cleanup, but we found three out of five of our recipes to be lacking in flavor or excitement. We would be willing to give Dinnerly one more try; if we encountered any lackluster meals, however, we would stop our subscription.

Is dinnerly a good meal kit delivery company?

There are some major positives to going with Dinnerly as your meal kit company: $4.99 per serving is unbeatable. If meal kit delivery will help you cook at home, but the other companies seem a bit too pricey, Dinnerly is definitely one to try. Ordering online was pretty easy. The experience was simple and straightforward.

How does dinnerly choose my meal options?

Once signed up, Dinnerly asks you the types of recipes and foods you prefer, such as beef, pork, and shellfish; then, based on an algorithm, it selects a few meal options, which you can amend and edit.

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