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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do cam lock fittings come in?

High quality stainless steel camlock fitting, also known as stainless steel cam and groove couplings are offered in 1/2” up to 6” sizes, with other sizes like 8” available upon request. hese stainless steel camlock couplings are low in cost, highly durable and are delivered in a fast and efficient manner.

What are the different types of Dixon cam & groove adapters?

Dixon Cam & Groove Handle Imagen Dixon Cam & Groove Type A Adapter x Female NPT Imagen Dixon Cam & Groove Type B Coupler x Male NPT Imagen Dixon Cam & Groove Type DP Dust Plug Imagen Dixon Cam & Groove Type E Adapter x Hose Shank Imagen Dixon Cam & Groove Type F Adapter x Male NPT Imagen EZ Boss-Lock Cam & Groove Type D Coupler x Female NPT Imagen

Are ProConnect flow camlock fittings interchangeable with PT couplings?

Pro Flow Camlock fittings are fully interchangeable with PT couplings, Dixon camlock fittings, OPW camlock fittings and Banjo camlock fittings.

Where is Dixon Valve & Coupling Company located?

Copyright © Dixon Valve & Coupling Company, LLC 2022 1 Dixon Square, Chestertown, MD 21620, US

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