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Frequently Asked Questions

Do compression sleeves and pants keep you warm?

Since compression tights keep body temperature, it means they help in faster cooling of the body. With that said it’s logical to conclude that compression sleeves and pants keep the body warm. And in sports like basketball, which requires sudden bursts of strenuous activity.

Are compression tights good for running?

Compression tights are just that -- pants which compress the body. That helps keep muscles warm and also helps prevent mild strains and pulls. Compression tights also avoid chafing problems, because the spandex fabric fits tightly against the skin and doesn't chafe as you run.

What is compression clothing?

What is compression clothing? Compression clothing has become somewhat of an umbrella term for items that exist somewhere on a spectrum of super tight and super revealing, often hilariously coloured garments. True compression wear does have a purpose and, if the science is to be believed, true benefits.

Should you wear compression clothing during a workout?

The benefits of compression clothing, no matter how circumstantial, are not only flaunted, they are widely accepted by pretty much everyone in the sport. So much so, that even if the science isn’t conclusive with regards to recovery rates, I wear compression wear during all of my workouts – both in and out of the gym.

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