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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mewing According to Dr Mew?

As per the journal ‘ The Tropic Premise ’, published by Dr. Mew in 1981, “The ideal development of the jaws and teeth is dependent on correct oral posture with the tongue resting on the palate, the lips sealed and the teeth in light contact for between four and eight hours a day.” Does mewing really work?

How to Mew properly?

Keeping your tongue posture correct throughout the day is one aspect of mewing, but the other aspect is eating and swallowing while mewing. This is where people usually get confused.

How to swallow when mewing?

When it comes to swallowing while mewing, this is the correct way to do it as explained by Dr. Mike Mew in his many videos. Press the tongue firmly against your palate even while swallowing.

Who is mewing or tongue posture?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the importance of proper tongue posture, also called mewing. You may also have heard about its creator, Dr. Mike mew, which leaves the natural question: who is Dr. Mike Mew? In short, Dr. Mike Mew is a British orthodontist who broke away from mainstream orthodontics to pursue a new field called orthotropics.

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