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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered formal dress for women?

For women, a relatively wide variety of clothing can be considered semi-formal attire. According to some strict definitions, a woman should always wear a dress to a semi-formal event, although other etiquette experts suggest that a dressy pantsuit or dress suit would also be appropriate.

What is a casually elegant dress code?

Upscale restaurants, resorts and even parties may state the dress code as "casual elegance.". This description is largely up for interpretation, but you definitely know it's not a tuxedo or floor-length gown. On the flip side, it's far more formal than flip-flops and a T-shirt.

Should women be required to wear dresses?

Skirts are a nice form of dress, but there is no reason why women should be confined, required or expected to wear them. The only guidelines for dress in the Bible is that women be feminine and discreet, men be masucline and discreet.

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