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Frequently Asked Questions

What instrument does the CMI use for DSF?

The CMI has a modified Life Technologies Quant Studio 6/7, for conventional DSF. The CMI has a Prometheus NT.Plex instrument from NanoTemper Technologies with aggregation optics.

What is differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF)?

Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF) measures protein unfolding by monitory changes in fluorescence as a function of temperature. Conventional DSF uses a hydrophobic fluorescent dye that binds to proteins as they unfold.

What is lacustrine shale fractal dimensions analysis?

Based on fractal dimensions analysis, which was defined by using the fractal Frenkel-Halsey-Hill (FHH) method based on NA, lacustrine shale has a smoother pore surface and a complex pore structure. The fractal dimensions are mainly controlled by specific surface area.

What is the difference between nanoDSF and DSF?

NanoDSF measures fluorescence intensity at 350 nm and 330 nm and compares the ratio as a function of temperature or denaturant concentration. NanoDSF can be used for a broader range of protein samples than traditional DSF and has significantly higher throughput and lower sample consumption than DSC or CD.

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