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Frequently Asked Questions

What does dsdsf do?

DSF provides access to high-quality advice, free information, evidence-based resources and assistive technology designed to support people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

What is the SFC program?

To support the IHS mission, the SFC Program provides technical and financial assistance to American Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages for cooperative development and construction of safe water, wastewater, and solid waste systems and related support facilities. More information can be found on the resources page.

What does DSC stand for?

The department also offers a four-month, online Defense Strategy Course (DSC), a ten-week, online Defense Planners Course (DPC), and a twelve-week, online Defense Strategy Foundation Course (DSFC). DSC is designed for majors and lieutenant colonels desiring to learn how the nation develops national security policy and strategy.

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