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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Edina?

Edina Origin and Meaning. The name Edina is a girl's name of English, Hungarian origin meaning "wealthy". Edina is an infectious-sounding Minnesota place-name, featured in the British cult hit TV show "Absolutely Fabulous.". Edina is also a poetic name for Edinburgh and is a common name in contemporary Hungary.

Who is Edina Realty?

Edina Realty was established in 1955 by Emma Rovick. The company's first real estate office was located at 50th and France Avenue in Edina, Minnesota. The firm has acquired several real estate firms. During 2007 and 2008, Edina Realty acquired 17 real estate firms throughout the Midwest. Greg Mason, President and CEO, Edina Realty Home Services

What is Edina MN known for?

Major corporations, such as Dairy Queen, Great Clips, Edina Realty, and Caribou Coffee, have made their headquarters in Edina, and the city today is known for its shopping, parks, and high quality of life. Edina Cinema, a theater in downtown Edina that opened in 1934, but closed in 2020. Edina began as part of Richfield Township, Minnesota.

What is the city of Edina looking for in your community?

The City is looking for Edina adults of different ages and genders, education levels, housing types and experiences to serve on a variety of commissions including arts, health, energy, human rights and planning. Read on...

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