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Frequently Asked Questions

What is educational connection?

Educational Connections is dedicated to helping families strengthen their child’s social, emotional, psychological, and academic well-being.

What is Ed connect?

Connect[ED] is a free online resource addressing Internet safety for students in Grades 4-6. Originally developed and released in 2011 as a website,, and DVD, it has been updated to align with the revised 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum and incorporated into Ophea’s Teaching Tools.

What is Learning Connection?

Learning Connection. The Learning Connection houses information and resources intended for educators and other school employees. The Learning Connection is a place educators can access student-level data, collaborate and...

What is Connections Education?

Connections Education: A Defense of Cyber Charters. Company officials say the schools often perform comparably with traditional schools in the same states, but they acknowledge that Connections-supported cyber charters aren't immune from the academic woes that have plagued the sector, particularly when it comes to math.

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