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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of élève?

élève m or f (plural élèves) (masculine, referring to a boy) schoolboy, pupil, student (masculine, referring to a child of unspecified sex) schoolchild, pupil, student (feminine) schoolgirl, pupil, student

What is Elevé in ballet?

The word élevé comes from the French verb elever , which means "to bring up" or "to rear." This word has a slightly different connotation in the French language as well as a slightly different technical approach in ballet.

What is expexpand Eleve?

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What is the difference between plié and élevé dance?

When a dancer goes on élevé, the dancer is also rising to the balls of the feet, or all the way up to full pointe, from flat feet. However, in élevé the dancer is not rising to the balls of the feet from a plié or a demi-plié.

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