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Frequently Asked Questions

What is industrial enterprises above the designated size?

Industrial enterprises above the designated size, which refer to industrial enterprises with revenue from principal activities over 20 million yuan. IV. Survey Method The Financial Report of Enterprises above the Designated Size conducts complete survey by month (the data on January are not required to report).

What is the added value of industrial enterprises?

In December, the total added value of industrial enterprises above the designated size grew by 4.3 percent on a yearly basis, an increase of 0.42 percent month-on-month.

What is the operating revenue of industrial enterprises?

From January to May, the operating revenue of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 48.15 trillion yuan, up 30.5 percent year on year; the operating cost was 40.20 trillion yuan, an increase of 28.6 percent; the profit margin of operating revenue was 7.11 percent, 2.05 percentage points higher than that of the previous year.

How many designated market areas are there in the US?

According to Nielsen’s 2018-2019 rankings, there are presently 210 Designated Market Areas (“DMAs”) in the United States, as follows…

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