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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chemical composition of er309/309l?

Pinnacle Alloys ER309/309L has a nominal composition (wt.-%) of 24 Cr, 13 Ni, with a carbon content restricted to 0.03 maximum.

What is the difference between er309 and er309l?

Application ER309L has the same qualities as ER309 but with the lower carbon content deemed necessary in many chemical applications. ER309L is preferred over ER309 for cladding over carbon or low alloy steels, or dissimilar joints that are heat treated.

What is the shielding gas used in er309l welding?

Data is typical for ER309L weld metal deposited by Mig using Argon + 2% oxygen as the shielding gas. Data on sub-arc is not presented, as sub-arc is dependent on the type of flux used. Other shielding Gases may be used for Mig welding.

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