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Frequently Asked Questions

What every ESL student should know?

What Every ESL Student Should Know. · In order to learn English, you must learn the basic skills of speaking, reading, listening, and writing. · In order to learn English, you must also practice it, and study it. · It is O.K. to make mistakes, this is another way you can learn and improve your English.

What is the meaning of 'ESL'?

ESL is a common abbreviation used in schools and it stands for "English as a Second Language.". Schools will often use the term ESL when describing the programs that educate students who are not native English speakers and for describing the 'ESL students' themselves. ESL classes are also available for adults through various community programs.

What does ESL mean in education?

ESL is an acronym that is used primarily in educational settings and stands for English as a Second Language. It refers to teaching English to a person whose native or primary language is one other than English. Education laws in the United States require schools to provide ESL instruction in the classroom to any...

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