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Frequently Asked Questions

What does euthymic mean in psychology?

Euthymia is defined as a normal, tranquil mental state or mood. It is often used to describe a stable mental state or mood in those affected with bipolar disorder that is neither manic nor depressive, yet is distinguishable from healthy controls. ... Euthymia is also derived from a verb, "euthymeo", that means both "I am happy, in good spirits" and "I make others happy, I reassure and encourage".

What is another word for euthymic?

Euthymia (medicine) The word "euthymia" traces its roots to the Greek words "eu", meaning well, and "thymo", meaning soul or emotion. The word " thymos " also had four additional meanings: life energy; feelings and passions; desires and inclinations; and thought or intelligence. Euthymia is also derived from a verb, "euthymeo",...

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