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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Elo ranks regarding FACEIT rank points?

The Elo Ranks regarding FACEIT rank points are: 1 Level 1: 1 – 800 2 Level 2: 801 – 950 3 Level 3: 951 – 1100 4 Level 4: 1101 – 1250 5 Level 5: 1251 – 1400 6 Level 6: 1401 – 1550 7 Level 7: 1551 – 1700 8 Level 8: 1701 – 1850 9 Level 9: 1851 – 2000 10 Level 10: 2001 +

Is FACEIT Elo good for CSGO?

Being Global Elite seems like a big deal for CSGO players. Sadly, several Globals are still under FACEIT levels 4 and 5. This is why several players are opting for FACEIT Elo booster services. How to check FACEIT Elo? FACEIT has done quite a good job and they have made things easier for most players.

How many players are there in FACEIT CSGO matchmaking?

The rank distribution and percentage of players by level in FACEIT CS:GO matchmaking. Data based on over two million unique players analyzed in 2021. Source of the data

Is there a rank difference between FaceIt and global elite?

Most play Faceit or ESEA and do not even have a rank in mm. MM has 18 different ranks, you can learn about them in CS:GO rank distribution. When comparing Faceit level 10 with a Global Elite you need to know what region the players are playing in. A Global Elite in Australia for example, will not find it hard to reach level 10.

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