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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Check my FACEIT level?

Players can now check their faceit level alongside their Faceit ELO and see how much elo they need to reach the next level. From now on your stats page on faceit stats will have a chart similar to the one on the image to the left that will display your Faceit ELO and progress to the next Faceit Level.

How do skill levels work in Elo?

Skill levels are linked directly to an amount of Elo ranging from 100 to infinity. Elo represents a player’s perceived skill level and knowledge of the game. Matching players up with a similar Elo should in theory create the most balanced matches. The brackets of Elo differ depending on the game but skill levels range from 1 to 10.” — FACEIT

How does Elo change on FACEIT?

How does Elo change on FACEIT? You win and lose Elo in matches on FACEIT, with the amount won or lost linked to your team's perceived probability of winning. You will need a Premium subscription or Game subscription to view your advanced statistics on the graph displayed below.

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