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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Fagioli mean in Italian?

Pasta e fagioli. Pasta e fagioli (pronounced [ˈpasta e ffaˈdʒɔːli]), meaning "pasta and beans", is a traditional Italian dish. Like many other Italian favorites, including pizza and polenta, the dish started as a peasant dish, being composed of inexpensive ingredients.

How to say Fagioli?

Actually, according to online reference, you do not pronounce the “e” and fagioli has two syllables, fa-joli. The pronunciation is very lyrical and dances off the tongue with the accent on the “joli”. Saying “fagioli” is fun and so is saying “fazool”.

What is pasta fagioli soup?

Pasta fagioli is a traditional Italian soup made with small tubular pasta, white beans and a tomato base. The relatively high calorie count is the result of the carbohydrate levels of the pasta and beans.

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