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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between minestrone and pasta fagioli?

The main difference between pasta e fagioli and minestrone is that minestrone has lots of different vegetables in it, pasta e fagioli (literally "pasta and beans") has beans -- with onion and/or garlic for flavour, usually rosemary, and sometimes tomato -- but no other veg.

Does pasta fagioli have meat in it?

This is comfort and simplicity at one of its finest moments. Traditionally there is no meat in pasta fagioli, but it adds a lot of great flavor to the soup. With a little work and adjusting the amounts of the ingredients I bet you can make this a vegetarian meal that is more like a classic pasta fagioli.

What does Fagioli mean in Italian?

Pasta e fagioli. Pasta e fagioli (pronounced [ˈpasta e ffaˈdʒɔːli]), meaning "pasta and beans", is a traditional Italian dish. Like many other Italian favorites, including pizza and polenta, the dish started as a peasant dish, being composed of inexpensive ingredients.

What does fazool in pasta Fazool mean in Italian?

Pasta Fazool - Pasta Fagioli meaning "pasta and beans" is a traditional Italian dish. The proper name in grammatical Italian is Pasta Fagioli Recipes for pasta fazool - Pasta Fagioli vary. The only true requirement is that beans and pasta are included.

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