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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fair faced brick wall?

The “fair faced” technique is intended to enhance the look of bricks due to the varied range of colours, types of surface finishes, laying method, dimensions, etc. Fair faced elements can be used for the construction of external and internal walls, complex architecture, quality details, urban decor, and anything else to complete façades.

What is fair-faced concrete?

Fair-faced concrete refers to concrete surfaces with special requirements in terms of concrete aesthetics and structure. We distinguish between four different classes of fair-faced concrete:

Why choose Paschal for your fair-faced concrete project?

From standard formwork to custom production, our systems for the manufacture of fair-faced concrete are tried and tested and offer the right solution for every requirement: Thanks to having a balanced assortment of elements, PASCHAL wall formwork makes many combination options possible with regard to the arrangement of tie points and joints.

What is the function of mortar in fair faced walls?

Fair faced walls: the mortar The main function of mortar in brick walls is to bond the elements together, to spread the load over the entire surface of the joints and to ensure continuity of the performance characteristics, in particular the hold.

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