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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is FaithWay Baptist church located?

Welcome to the website of Faithway Baptist Church, located across from Ypsilanti High School on the west side of Ypsilanti, Michigan. We are an independent, Baptist church with a conservative style of worship and a strong emphasis on sound Bible preaching and teaching.

What sets FaithWay Baptist Church apart?

A vibrant missions program also sets the church apart. God has used the faith-based giving of the people of FaithWay Baptist Church to enable them to currently support 199 missionary families and ministries all around the world.

Who is FaithWay Baptist College of Canada?

In 1983, Dr. Kirkland and Dr. James Phillips established FaithWay Baptist College of Canada. Since that time FaithWay has seen many people trust Christ as their Saviour and grow in Him.

What is the history of Faithway?

Under Dr. Kirkland’s leadership, a small group of people met for the first services of the church in the E.A Fairman Public School in Whitby, Ontario. God began to bless FaithWay and enabled them to move to their present location in 1981.

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