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What are the best safety topics to talk about in 2021?

Another important and interesting topic with in-work and at-home implications is National Burn Awareness Week. In February 2021, it runs from February 7-13, and is the perfect opportunity for safety leaders to talk about burn prevention and awareness.

What's new at OSHA in 2022?

February 1, 2022 • Volume 21, Issue 2 • A twice-monthly newsletter with information about workplace safety and health. OSHA withdrew its Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard and will focus on a permanent COVID-19 Healthcare Standard. The Dept. of Labor will join federal agencies to address hazards in the telecommunications industry.

What are the most common safety issues in February?

February Safety Topics 1 Lighting and visibility. Low lighting and poor visibility are two of the most prevalent issues which affect most workers. ... 2 Winter fatigue and its implications. As above, the low visibility and dark evenings can cause worker fatigue. ... 3 Rainwater. ... 4 Gritting and icy roads. ...

What are the 12 safety topics for monthly meetings?

Introduction 12 Safety Topics for Monthly Meetings January: Inclement weather February: Workplace violence March: Health & Wellness April: Natural Disasters May: Mental health June: PPE and equipment safety July: Heat safety August: Fire prevention September: Emergency preparedness

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