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Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are Speed Feedback signs?

Radar speed signs, also known as driver feedback signs, are traffic calming devices designed to slow speeders down by alerting them of their speed. They are being used across the country, and around the world, because they are effective at slowing speeding drivers down. Tests repeatedly show that: Typical speed reductions are 10-20%.

What is an example of a feedback system?

Feedback is part of a cause-and-effect loop where information about a system is returned to the controller of the system to improve its performance. An example of feedback and a feedback mechanism is the body's ability to control temperature.

What is an example of a feedback control system?

A very simple example of a feedback control system is the thermostat. The input is the temperature that is initially set. into the device. Comparison is then made between the input and the temperature of the outside world.

What is an example of feedback?

Use feedback in a sentence. noun. Feedback is defined as a return of information about a result or the returned portion of a process. An example of feedback is a judge in a dance competition giving constructive criticism after a performance.

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