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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of feedback factor?

The denominator of the feedback equation is the factor by which resistances are changed and is known as the feedback factor. Since we know the gain of the concertina and the gain of a simple triode amplifier, we can substitute them into the feedback equation to solve for the feedback factor:

What is a fast feedback?

FAST Feedback “is a practical method for giving employees the kind of feedback they need the most.” It is based on the formula FAST, an acronym that stands for: FREQUENT – Giving employees feedback at their individual rates of need. ACCURATE – Giving feedback that is correct, balanced, and appropriate.

What is focused feedback?

Focused feedback requires clear descriptions of levels of performance. Regarding classroom strategies and behaviors, this means articulating performance levels for the 41 elements within Domain 1. For purposes of illustration, we will use an element from lesson segments that involve content.

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