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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fileshare and how does it work?

Fileshare is a sync&share application based on the Seafile software. It offers the possibility to share files within the university as well as with external persons, to keep them easily accessible on different systems and to edit them collaboratively. Fileshare provides a web interface to easily manage and share files with others.

How secure is ShareFile?

And unlike email and FTP, which transmit your sensitive data in clear text for anyone to see, ShareFile uses top-of-class encryption and password protection to keep your files safe. Our cloud-based service allows you to send, share and access files and folders securely using any web browser, smartphone or tablet.

How to create and manage a group in fileshare?

In Fileshare you can easily create and manage a group. Each group has a group administrator. The owner is the creator of the group by default. The owner can add other group administrators. He can also transfer the ownership of the group to another member. The owner (and the group administrator) can add/delete members in the group.

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