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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Facebook work on Kindle Fire?

If you want to work with your Facebook and Twitter accounts from your Kindle Fire HD, you can download those free apps from the Amazon Appstore. However, in order to share items via Facebook and Twitter, you can use integrated tools in Kindle Fire HD itself.

Can you fire an employee for a Facebook post?

Yes, you can fire an employee for Facebook posts that mock your company—but the lines are gray, so be careful. That’s the message the National Labor Relations Board sent in its first published decision on the subject, upholding the firing of an employee whose Facebook posts poked fun at an on-the-job incident.

Can the Kindle Fire get the Facebook app?

How To Install Actual Facebook App On Kindle Fire. The so called Facebook app with Kindle Fire has probably disappointed a lot of Kindle users, as it is just a link to However, there is an actual Facebook app that can be installed on your Kindle device.

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