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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to study for the FNP exam?

The study guide and ebook contain the same information and are the same price. The FNP online review course gives you lessons, practice tests, video reviews, and more. The Nurse Practitioner Exam Flashcards is another valuable resource for those who prefer studying with flashcards or like to have multiple methods of study.

What is the AANP family nurse practitioner (AANP) question bank?

The AANP Family Nurse Practitioner question bank follows the exam content outline for the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) FNP Certification Exam. Now includes new Full-Length Practice Exam that mimics the exact structure and blueprint of the exam you'll see on test day!

Who is the editor of the FNP question bank?

Editor Rachael Pillar, BSN, MS, FNP-C is a practicing FNP who is FNP certified by the AANP and has most recently been involved in the editing and review of the AANP FNP question bank.

What is aanpcb® FNP?

AANPCB® FNP is part of our Nursing Pocket Prep that contains prep content for 17 other Nursing exams. Our plans at Pocket Prep are priced to give everyone a better chance at a good education.

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