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Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a travel nurse practitioner?

Click here to discover high-paying travel nursing jobs! Being a travel nurse practitioner is like hitting the jackpot. With a housing stipend and travel cost reimbursement, you basically get to explore new places for free. You also get paid more than you would as a permanent employee.

Are travel nurse practitioners filling the primary care provider shortage?

As the primary care provider shortage continues to rise, there is a growing need for traveling nurse practitioners. Travel nurse practitioners are also called locum tenens providers. This means they are filling a temporary staffing need.

Can travel nurse practitioners be hired on locums to Perm?

Some hospitals or clinics will even hire travel nurse practitioners for vacation coverage and sick leave. Others may hire on a locums to perm ” basis. This means the facility wants to test out the provider before hiring them permanently.

Why work with Fastaff travel nursing?

As the leading Rapid Response® nurse staffing agency, Fastaff Travel Nursing can offer you exclusive positions with the highest pay in the industry. In addition to partnering with prestigious facilities, our nurses enjoy 48-hour work weeks and flexible-length assignments.

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