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Frequently Asked Questions

What is diffrent between PT, NPT and FPT thread?

NPT are common threads used for general purposes, while FPT are a type of NPT. NPTs and FPTs are used to join pipes and fittings for all types of general purposes. This includes things such as joining low pressure air or liquid needs. They are also used for many mechanical applications.

What are the different types of pipe thread?

In reality, there are true metric threads as well as BSP (British Standard Pipe) threads. For identification purposes, hydraulic tube fittings and connectors can be divided into six different thread types: UN/UNF, NPT/NPTF, BSPP (BSP, parallel), BSPT (BSP, tapered), metric parallel, and metric tapered.

How do you thread a pipe?

Steps Purchase or rent a manual pipe threader machine from an equipment retailer. Inspect the pipe threader before beginning and replace dies or any parts that show signs of wear. Mount your pipe firmly in the pipe vise by placing it in the vise and then tightening until it is held tightly.

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