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Frequently Asked Questions

What does /V/qn do?

So /v/qn will pass /qn onto the embedded MSI installer. The /qn is an msiexec switch indicating to run with no UI. You can find all msiexec switches in this support article. The "wierd" format is required because that is how the InstallShield command-line parser is programmed to function.

What does qn stand for?

Definition; QN: Quotation: QN: Quasi-Newton Method: QN: QuakeNet (IRC Network) QN: Queueing Network: QN: Queer Nation: QN: Quality Notification: QN: Queen's Knight (chess) QN: Quaque Nocte (Latin: Every Night) QN: Queen of the Netherlands (dredge ship) QN: Québec Nordiques (hockey team)

What does QNI stand for?

Queen's Nurse, an honorary title awarded by the Queen's Nursing Institute (QNI) to community nurses Queen regnant, in the Christian Church, denoted "Qn.", following the name of a Christian saint who was a Queen

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