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Frequently Asked Questions

What is therapy for black girls?

Founded by licensed psychologist Joy Harden Bradford, Therapy for Black Girls strives to work to remove the stigma of seeking mental health care and helps Black women find culturally competent therapists (pricing varies by provider). Dr.

Why don’t more black women see therapists?

So often the stigma surrounding mental health issues and therapy prevents Black women from taking the step of seeing a therapist. This space was developed to present mental health topics in a way that feels more accessible and relevant. understood.

What can be done to improve the mental health of black women?

Psychologists who work with this population say there is much to be done to improve the mental health of Black women, ranging from expanding access to licensed professionals with experience in treating people of color to reducing incidents of racism and microaggressions.

Why should I support free black therapy?

By supporting Free Black Therapy, you are supporting Black people in need of mental healthcare as well as Black therapists. Check out our educational branch! We've partnered with KUVIT BEAUTY, a Black family-owned beauty company, who has so graciously blessed us with their unique blog: KUVIT KONVERSATIONS.

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