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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Freebox server device?

The Freebox Server device. The Freebox server is a DSL modem, a router, a Wi-Fi hot spot, a NAS (250 GB hard drive), a DECT base with up to 8 connected DECT phone sets, and a digital video recorder for TNT also known as DVB-T and IPTV.

How does the Freebox Player work?

The Freebox Player is the set-top box part of the "Freebox Revolution" offer. It is connected to the Freebox Server via PLC or by a direct Ethernet cable if both devices are close enough. It is possible to rent another Freebox Player if one wants to connect another TV set in another room.

What is the telephony offer via Freebox?

The telephony offer via the Freebox offers various services such as free calls between Freebox subscribers and towards the fixed numbers in Metropolitan France, and also free over 100 foreign countries (USA, Canada, UK, Spain, China, India, South America, etc.).

What is the Freebox Revolution?

The sixth generation device is called the Freebox Revolution or V6 (Version 6). It was launched in early 2011. It is composed of a pair of devices: the ADSL modem/router and the IPTV set top box/media player. The boxes were designed by Philippe Starck .

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