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Frequently Asked Questions

How does freetaxusa make money?

FreeTaxUSA makes their money through the Deluxe Edition that they sell, and also the State Tax Return fee ($12.95). There is so much that is available to you for free on the site, and it's only fair that they are able to charge a small extra fee for additional services, I'm sure you'll agree.

Is freetaxusa legitimate?

As it is an authorized e-filer for the IRS and has filed millions of taxes, you can rest assured that FreeTaxUSA is a legitimate company to use, and you will be safe with them. If something goes wrong with their calculations, they will cover the costs of any fees (although you won’t be covered if you have entered something incorrectly of course).

Is free tax USA legit?

Yes, FreeTaxUSA is a legit way to file your taxes online. The 43 million+ completed tax returns are visible proof. Also, FreeTaxUSA's parent company, TaxHawk, has had Better Business Bureau accreditation since 2005.

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