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Frequently Asked Questions

What is frutta di Martorana made of?

Pastry shops in Taormina and Palermo display these almost-too-good-to-eat sweets in their windows and passersby like me stop and gaze in amazement. Known as frutta di Martorana, these life-like fruits appear real, but are made of marzipan.

What are the traditions of Martorana?

Sicilian traditions around Martorana are very strong, particularly on All Souls' Day, or I Morti, November 2nd. Sicilian children find baskets containing frutta di Martorana when they arise on that day, and they are told that the marzipan fruit has been left by their long-gone ancestors.

Why is frutta martorana called the cloister sweet?

The result was a great success and, since then, the Frutta Martorana has become the cloister ultimate sweet, to the extent that it is named after it. Legends aside, after 500 years from its invention, this sweet is still present in the Sicilian confectionery tradition, tickling every palate and fantasy.

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