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Frequently Asked Questions

Which 123 movies is real?

There’s no one across-the-board answer of which 123movies site is real. The Vietnamese authorities shut down the original 123movies site. That said, any of the streaming sites under the name 123Movies, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123movieshub are all made by the same creators.

Is 123Movies a safe site?

123Movies is indeed safe but only if we’re talking about the original website. Wait – are there 123Movies clones? Yes… sadly. Free streaming websites have one big downside and that’s the fact that they have multiple clones online.

Is 123Movies safe to use?

123movies is not legal and it is not safe. The official site went offline in 2018, so any site you go on now that claims to be 123movies is a mirror version of the original site. And mirror sites can be dangerous.

Where can you watch movies for free?

Usually found in the "On-Demand" section, there is a group of free and paid movies that you can watch anytime. There are movie-specific channels too that show movies and film-related documentaries all day. Hit "Menu" on your remote and search for "Movies," often under "find channels," "on-demand" or "programming.".

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