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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like fusion girl textures?

If you don't like Fusion Girls textures you can always download a different one. Just make sure whatever you install is compatible with Fusion Girl. Same goes for outfits, there are tons of Fusion Girl conversions for outfits. Hope that helps some, have fun.

Why does fusion girl have no bones in her belly?

Looks like you've changed to Fusion Girl [or similar], which requires the ZeX Extended Skeleton. Because that's the boob, ass, and by the looks of it, belly 'Bones'. Which are doing that because the skeleton it's using [probably just vanilla] doesn't have them, and thus they'll just do whatever, since they're not attached to anything.

Is it time to mix up the hair options in Fallout 4?

The hair options in Fallout 4 leave much to be desired. How many times are you going to go for the same old elegant hairstyle for a female character or the casual or rebel hairstyle for a male? I’d say, it’s time to “mix” it up. This mod by rbddc12 does exactly that.

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