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Frequently Asked Questions

How many new HIV/AIDS infections are there in Ghana?

The assumption by many Ghanaians that there are no more or very few new HIV/AIDS infections in the country is far from the truth. This is because information from the Ghana Aids Commission (GAC) has indicated that 20,068 new infections were recorded across the country, with 13,616 HIV/AIDS related deaths in 2019 alone.

How many orphan children live with HIV in Ghana?

There are currently over 200, 1000 orphan children living with HIV in Ghana. The H2H ambassador also pleaded with religious leaders to stop asking for HIV test results before blessing marriages.

What happened to Ghana's Prisons?

The Ghana Prisons Service facilitated farming activities for inmates to supplement feeding. Officials held much of the prison population in buildings that were originally colonial forts or abandoned public or military buildings, that despite improvements had poor ventilation and sanitation, substandard construction, and inadequate space and light.

Do Ghana's Prisons care for women with mental illness?

The Ghana Prisons Service held women separately from men. No prison staff specifically focused on mental health, and officials did not routinely identify or offer treatment or other support to prisoners with mental disabilities.

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