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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main food eaten in Ghana?

Top 10 Most popular Ghanaian Dishes Chichinga. Chichinga is a popular Ghanaian street food item consisting of skewered and grilled meat that is rubbed with a spice mix known as suya. Plakali. Plakali is a traditional Ghanaian and Ivorian dish characterized by its starchy and sticky texture. ... Kontomire Soup. ... Palm Nut Soup. ... Kokonte. ... Garden Egg Stew. ... Kelewele. ... Red red. ... Waakye. ... Fufu. ...

What is the national dish of Ghana?

National Dish – Ghana. Herbs such as thyme, bay leaf, vegetables such as wild mushrooms, garden eggs (similar to egg plant) various types of pulses, ginger, garlic, smoked meat and fish, crab, trotters, shrimps octopus and duck all feature in Ghanaian cuisine.

What is Ghana's staple food?

4 Staple Starches of Ghanaian Cuisine Banku. A pile of individual servings of banku. ... Kenkey. Kenkey, pronounced ken-kay, is wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks. ... Fufu. Fufu in the mortar after being pounded. ... Konkonte. Konkonte, pronounced kon-kawn-tay, is like the sister of fufu, though it's made only with pounded dried cassava.

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