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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the giftgiftster?

Giftster is a free service using private groups and wish list making to connect family and close friends around gift giving occasions. Positioned as a lifetime, permanent gift registry, not based on any particular life events.

How do I use giftster for my registry?

Use Giftster for traditional baby and wedding registries too, without a group. Paste a link to your item and use Fetch to auto-fill the details. Less typing. Invite friends to share and shop each others lists or keep your lists private. See if items are available. Purchases remain hidden from the list maker.

Is there an app for giftster?

Instantly check your lists and preferences anywhere. In addition to, there is also a Giftster app too available for iOS and Android devices. What's gift anxiety?

What is giftster | wish list Registry?

Giftster | wish list registry Money is tight – make your gifts right. This free online service ensures every dollar is spent on gifts really needed or wanted. Not a shopping site, but a private wish list sharing service for your entire family or friends network. sign uplog in Log in to Giftster No account? Sign up

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